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This is an excerpt from a series of books I wanna write called the Forsaken. It’s a scene with two of my favourite characters. The name of the first one still needs to be sorted though hehe.. Don’t take this too seriously yet since it’s a rough draft and obviously needs a lot of work. The genre would be paranormal romance (though there’s no romance in the excerpt below).


Aluchard, the Earl Ravenston was standing alone in his private office considering the recent events when he sensed the presence of another being behind him. Even as he slowly turned around he knew what he would see, he would recognise that presence anywhere. But how was it possible?

The dark form of a man was standing just inside the door, and Aluchard felt a quick stab of guilt as he reflected on how the once formidable form was now a mere shadow of its former self. The feeling quickly passed, Aluchard wasn’t one to give in to such simple things as feelings.

“Theron,” he said simply, nodding slightly towards the man in the door.

“Aluchard.” A sardonic half-smile was playing on Theron’s lips. “We meet again.”

“Sooner than I expected,” Aluchard admitted. “May I ask how this is possible?”

Theron took a few steps into the room, the half-smile not leaving his face. “Always so polite, dear Aluchard. I always admired that, truly I did.” Pushing a stray lock of his dark, tangled hair out of his face his smile widened slightly. “Well you see, this lovely little mortal girl stumbled into the cellar..” When Aluchard made a move he laughed – a cold, harsh sound that sounded nothing like it once had. “Do not concern yourself, Aluchard. I did not kill her.”

“Where is she?” Aluchard dreaded the worst.

“In my dungeon.” Theron held up his hand when Aluchard moved again. “I left the door unlocked. She is asleep, but will be no worse for wear.”

“Did… Did you feed off her?” The distasteful word left a sour taste in his mouth. The Forsaken may need the mortals for their life force, but taking their blood was such a crude way of taking it. No Forsaken would ever steep that low. But Theron was different. It was the reason they had done what they had to him.

Theron gave him a sardonic look. “Of course I did. How else would you expect me to have had enough strength to walk up here after you locked me in your rat-infested cellar for so many years?”

“It was necessary,” Aluchard said cooly. “You were out of control. Killing humans.”

Something dangerous flashed in Theron’s golden eyes. “They killed Kiera. They did not deserve life.”

“That does not give us the right to kill humans!” Aluchard snapped. “We are meant to protect them from the Soulless, not kill them ourselves!”

“You and I are of different opinion on that point,” Theron replied indifferently.

Arguing was pointless. Theron had always been different. Before Kiera was killed by mortals he had never fed off them or killed them, but the death of one so dear to him had pushed him over the edge. Possibly into insanity.

“What are you planning to do now?” Aluchard asked.

“I don’t know yet,” Theron admitted honestly. “But I am certainly not staying here so that you may imprison me again.” He started moving towards the door, stopping only for a moment to throw a sardonic smile over his shoulder. “Until we meet again. Brother.”



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  1. Helt fantastiskt underbart!
    Kan meddl att det inte funkar att läsa det i IE. Jag har väntat flera dagar på att det ska fixas till, så upptäcker jag av en slump att det funkar med Mozilla.

    Ha det toppen så länge! 🙂

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