Well, that’s what I’ve been doing really. I’m delaying in sending out my query letters because I don’t want to start receiving my rejection letters. I know it’s inevitable, but you know… It still won’t be a pleasant experience.

The book has been ready for some time, and I’ve just been polishing it really, probably to have an excuse not to get that query done. But I think I’ve done more or less I can at this point.
I do have a critique partner who gives some good thoughts, but with our speed in critiquing (being on separate continents) I can’t really wait until she’s read the entire book. So I should just get going. My deadline is coming up anyway. (I said when I began writing the book that I should have it done by my birthday, which is in just over a week.)

Otherwise I’m just enjoying life, almost. I’m working mainly, and at the moment I spend my evenings writing (on manuscript #2). I’m listening a lot to Within Temptation and a bunch of other songs. Has anyone else realised what a good, old song Poison (Alice Cooper) is?

Also fell in love with a song called Be Mine by Robyn. Oh, and Bimbo by Lambretta. I don’t like all of it, but the chorus is great.

Well, I will go back to fretting about that q u e r y now.

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