Pet Projects

While my computer dying on me has made them go a bit slower than intended, I thought I’d introduce my two new pet projects.

If you go back to you will see that the site has been changed, rather drastically. It is no longer my personal website (I never seemed to update it anyway!) – but now a place for my short stories that I will keep updating. It’s all supposed to be set in the same fantasy world, with several stories intertwining, as well as some just simply being in that world with no other connection.

I hope that it will help me get back to writing – even if for now it’s just short stories. Feel free to spread the word – it’s always more fun to write if you have people reading! đŸ™‚

My second little project I doubt anyone who reads this will be interested in, since it’s a World of Warcraft blog. I named it Girls Don’t Play WoW (since obviously they do, but ppl still like to say they don’t) – and you can find it on

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