NaNoWriMo 2015

I’ve been talking about wanting to do NaNoWriMo for years, but never got around to doing it. This year I’m wondering if maybe it’s time to just buckle down and do it. One might say that it’s a bad idea what with just having moved to a new country, being busy unpacking and getting familiarised, and trying to find a job. One might not be wrong…

Still, there’s an excuse every year. There’s always something going on. Last year I was playing the World of Warcraft expansion that was released in November. Next year… Who knows? So… Maybe this is the year?

If I’m going to do this, I need to decide beforehand on which book I will work on, since I need to work out the plot before I begin. I remember reading somewhere that you shouldn’t work on something that you care too much about, since when you’re writing that much in such a short time – it’s probably not your best quality writing. So the next book in my historical romance series is out of the question.

What do you guys think I should go for?

These are a few of the things lying around in my “Ideas” folder (all the names are temporary):

Lady Matchmaker
Regency Historical Romance

Lady Match / Lady Matchmaker / My Lady Matchmaker. I haven’t decided on a title, but to be fair, that’s the least of the issues. Basically, the heroine is a widow who knows most of the ton and who is/isn’t looking for a wife/husband – so people started coming to her about it, and she turned it into a business. Whether for profit or just fun, I’m not sure (leaning towards fun). Everyone knows that if you’re in the market for a spouse, she’s the woman to talk to.

Our hero isn’t really interested in finding a wife, but he’s been pressured into seeing Lady Match by his mother. He and Lady Match used to know each other, and things are definitely tense between them. (A prank gone wrong forced her into her marriage, and it was not a happy or loving one.) Naturally, he will eventually realise that the only woman he wants is actually Lady Match – and not one of the simpering debutantes that she’s trying to connect him with.

The first paragraph, which was written years ago (I have a thing about writing the first paragraph of stories):

A discussion with one’s mother could only ever result in misery. As Nicholas Atherton was standing on the curb looking up at the white townhouse he vowed never to speak to his mother again. Or at least he would have if such a thing would have been possible. Why was it that his mother always managed to get him to do the things he least wanted to? Like visiting this house.

The Little Mermaid
Regency Historical Romance

Obviously, not actually the little mermaid story – but a regency story vaguely inspired by it. The heroine will be in England searching for her father after her mother in Norway passed away. All she has of his is a letter with his first name and a personalized pocket watch that he had given her mother. In the harbour she ends up saving a man’s life as he falls into the water (or something similar). He later boasts about it at White’s and says he will marry the girl who saved him (remembering only the pocket watch).

Yes, yes – it’s a bit silly… But could be fun?

Unknown Title
Regency Historical Romance

Some people would say that love struck them like a bolt of lightning. This was not the case for Richard Dashwood. He had loved one woman his entire life, and he would never have her. She was the belle of the ball, the incomparable of the season, the daughter of an earl, an heiress… The list went on and on. She was also his friend. And she was in love with another man.

The first paragraph I wrote for this idea. (Yes, I have a thing for first paragraphs, so sue me!) The hero is friends with the woman as well as the man she’s interested in, and they both ask him to help facilitate their romance. Cue angst! I’m all for torturing people in my stories.

Unknown Title
Contemporary Romance

David Grant had been burnt by love. His last girlfriend left him mere weeks before their wedding to go back to her good-for-nothing ex. That wouldn’t have been so bad, had she not also taken the child David had helped raise for several years. Since then, David has ignored all things romance and thrown himself into his work.

Katie Davies is everything David doesn’t want. A single mom with her life in disarray. Yet he finds himself inexorably drawn to her and her warm smiles. Does he dare to open himself to that potential heartache again?

Okay, I realise that’s an absolutely awful “back-blurb”, but it’s the best I can do just like that, and I think it gives an idea of the story? I’ve never written a contemporary… But maybe it could be interesting.

Or maybe I could just write lots and lots and lots on my fanfiction. Does it count if it’s on two different stories?

Anyway, does anything here sound interesting at all?


NaNoWriMo 2015 — 13 Comments

  1. I like the matchmaker one – the only issue I would have is that “unhappy marriage” widows are so cliché – every widow in regencies had an unhappy marriage, or an awful spouse. I think it is more interesting (and probably more challenging!) to have the first marriage be good and the widow moving on, instead. It is good back story, too, she matchmakes because she wants other couples to be as happy as she had been. 🙂

    I have no idea if it counts if you work on two stories, though, as I don’t really write!

    • You’re right that the unhappy marriage is pretty cliche. And I’m thinking it’s not much better if it was a decent marriage, but not a loving one. I basically just wanted a reason for her to dislike the hero, since he was part of the reason she ended up married in the first place. But I could probably think of something else 😛

      • Maybe he and her husband didn’t get along because of something that happened when they were at school as young men and the hero is sorry for being a bug jerk as a kid because, umm, his dad put too much pressure on him to do well.

      • And the dead husband’s dislike was more a case of “that dude is so rude and arrogant and NOT NICE” and the heroine has heard it so often but never really met the guy so she is all surprised when he seems more uncomfortable than arrogant.

        • Definitely an interesting idea!

          I will have to think on this a bit, since I had some other thoughts as well. I will have to figure out which direction I want to go with it. Whether I want them to know each other since before or not.. etc. We shall see! In any case, I think the Matchmaker plot is the I’m going with 🙂

  2. Hej! Jag röstar på den första. Den fångade mig mest. Kom på mig själv m att fundera på om den gick att hitta på Amazon… 😀 Önskar jag hade mer tid att läsa! Lycka till med allt vad flytten innebär. Stor tvångskram (jo just bara därför)

    • Den kanske går att hitta på Amazon om ett par år eller så 😉

      Hoppas du har det bra! Det var länge sedan vi sågs! Jag är i Malmö nästa fredag när jag färdas mot England, men det är först på kvällen så nog svårt att få till något 😛 Men någon gång så!

  3. 1. I think you should totally do NaNo! I’m participating, so we can be buddies if you want. Just *guess* what my name on the official site might be.

    2. I never “win” but whatever. More words = more words. Progress = progress. And it’s always fun to see if I can beat my last personal best.

    3. This is the first year I’m really planning ahead, so haha! All your ideas don’t intimidate me. Otherwise yeah, they would. Holy wow. I never have that many plots kicking around in my head.

    4. All of your plots sound interesting and I would luff to read anything you write on any of them. Part of me wants to say you should do the matchmaker one, just because it sounds so fun. The other part of me wants to say it might be a good idea to break new ground and write the contemporary novel just because you will have the freedom to not be writing at your very best and maybe any lack of quality can be excused on that score? I personally find the hardest part of NaNo is turning off the inner editor and just writing, no matter whether I think it’s good, bad or awful. Good luck no matter which way you end up going with it!

    • Yes! Let’s be NaNo-buddies!

      I’ve never competed, and I highly doubt that I will “win”. But as you say, it’s more words written, so it’s something. And I do need to kick-start myself into writing again. (As in, writing something that’s not fanfiction hahaha)

      And those aren’t even all the plots/ideas I have :/ I always say I have more ideas than I will ever be able to write *lol* Need more time and energy to write, plx!

      I think I’ll go with the Matchmaker idea. While your reasoning of choosing the contemporary is a very sound one, I just don’t have enough detail on that one in my head yet. (Maybe because it IS a contemporary, which I’ve never written and rarely even read.) So Matchmaker seems like a “safer” option. Even so, I only really have the very basic idea. So I definitely have some pre-planning to do!

      Yay! NaNo-buddies!

    • I’ve tried finding you, but whenever I try to search for an author the site seems to give me errors. If it works for you, my name is Emmie_m 🙂

      • The site threw me an error when I tried to search for you. Hopefully they’ll get that resolved soon. I don’t know if case matters when searching, but I am on there as KissMyAlas

        • Well, it stopped throwing errors… But no matter what I type in, it comes back with 0 results – so it’s obviously still broken. Hopefully they’ll get it working again before Nov 1!

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