Manuscript Ponderings

I’ve been re-reading my first manuscript, which is admittedly very old by now. I wrote it nearly ten years ago now. As I’m reading through it, I’m finding that some of the characterisations that I used I may want to change, as well as a few other things that I’m no longer sure I want to keep. Maybe because it’s been ten years since I wrote it I’ve grown up and I’m older (and wiser?) now. Cause some things that didn’t bother me then bothers me now.

For example, I have a character that I feel that I’m on the border of slut-shaming. Which is not something I want to do. I should be able to make a few changes to her (or rather, the reactions of people around her), to remove those aspects.

There’s also a scene where the villain of the story tries to rape the heroine. He doesn’t succeed (of course), but it’s a scene I’m rather uncomfortable keeping. I may need to look into changing it somehow to have the same results, but without the attempted rape. I just think that maybe an attempted rape is a bit too much, you know?

Other than that, there’s just a few small adjustments that I want to make. (You find something new on each read through!) Once all that’s done, I will try to put it into the correct format for Kindle, and upload it to Amazon. (Unless someone has heard that there are better options!)

Oh, and I need to work on the “back-of-the-book”-blurb. I’m awful at those things. Catching someone’s attention in a couple of paragraphs. Ugh!


Manuscript Ponderings — 2 Comments

    • I wonder if I need to change the title as well. They’re all referring to Shakespeare plays, and this one is called “As He Likes It”.. But with the current upswing of erotica after 50 Shades, I’m worried that people may think it’s something very different to what it is with that title! *lol*

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