Looking Back

I’ve been going through my archives and sorting out the categories a bit today. It was all a bit of a mess after I imported everything from the old blog. When doing so I found this little “series” that I wrote several years ago. Most likely, I’m the only one who finds it amusing. It’s something I wrote when I was having a bit of a writer’s block during the writing of my second book.

For those curious, you can read the little bits here (they’re chronological from top to bottom):

1: Being a Bad Writer
This is a conversation between the characters of my planned books. The first was written and I was stuck trying to finish number two (with plans for a third and fourth). They’re unhappy that I’ve not written anything in a while…

2: Concerned Characters
A letter to the writer from the characters.

3: A Stressed Writer
A letter from the writer in reply to the original letter.

Final response from the characters to the writer.

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