Concerned characters

Dear Writer,

We have become aware as of late that you are not effectively working on the story of Jessica and Jacob, and we feel that we must express our concern in this regard. The story is so close to being done, you must only re-write some of the scenes and do revisions and proofreading. We cannot understand what is causing this delay in your efforts. The longer it is taking the more difficult it will become, and we are worried about your commitment to our cause.

Also, we would like to make you aware of the discord between ourselves that this is creating. You cannot imagine the bickering this is causing about the reasons for your delays. We understand that you are busy writing down ideas for other stories, but would very much appreciate your immediate attention to the story at hand, after which you will be able to start the next one. We believe that this is a solution that would suit everyone’s needs.

Yours Sincerely,

Lady Jessica Howerty

on behalf of
Nathaniel Howerty, the Marquess of Pensington (who wants Jacob to pay for what he did)
Jacob Hurst, the Earl of Wortham (who wants Nathaniel off his back)
Lady Miranda Howerty (who wants Nick to shut up about getting her story)
Lady Nicola Howerty (who won’t stop talking about getting her story – partly just to annoy Rain)


Concerned characters — 2 Comments

  1. You’re killing me here, Emmie LOL. I’m so intrigued and wondering like crazy about all of these characters’s stories. I gotta email you off loop now…


  2. Ok. I see. You DIDN’T take my advice. Or THEY didn’t. Nasty characters! 😉

    Hannah (that would be the sister, yeah)

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