Chapter One

Because I’m so slow in getting everything ready for releasing my book(s) on Kindle or something similar, I decided to put the first chapter of the first book up on my (future) writer’s site. So, if anyone’s bored – feel free to check out the first chapter of As He Likes it.

In the meanwhile I’ll be busy turning into a pulp from sweating so much, since Sweden is insanely hot this summer. 30+ degrees is not something we’re too used to, and AC isn’t exactly common in our houses. So I’m sitting here with all windows open and a fan directed straight at me.



What is a proper, young lady to do when she finds a strange man sleeping in her bed?

ANGELIQUE GRAFTON never imagined finding a stranger in her bed, let alone a Marquess. She knows that her family expects her to marry another, but every nerve in her body tells her that it’s a bad match. Always having been told that she’s not lovable, she feels that she should be grateful for the unofficial arrangement made by her late parents. But could she jeopardize her own happiness to fulfill her parents’ wish? Especially when she’s met a man who makes her very skin tingle in awareness.

NATHANIEL HOWERTY, the Marquess of Pensington, is not looking for love. In fact, he’d be quite happy never to find it. Having seen how his father was destroyed by losing the woman he loved, Nathaniel fears that the same would happen to him. But when he meets Angel Grafton he finds that he wants her more than anything else. Does he dare to leave himself vulnerable to a woman that might not only steal his kisses, but his heart as well?

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