A stressed writer…

Dear Characters,

As the writer, I would like to believe that it is my prerogative whether I’m writing or not. At the current time I am not writing since I have had other things to deal with, and I am also trying to decide on the best course of action to get this particular story finished.

However, I am having troubles concentrating because I have all these annoying characters inside my head who all want their own story told, and I have therefore been busy writing these ideas down before they disappear. I think that you should know though, that it is giving me a headache. I feel that you should learn to be quiet when I’m not asking you for your help, and you should keep your noses from where they don’t belong (the actual planning process of the writing).

While I have several characters whining about their stories I cannot get anything done, so I would highly appreciate it if you would all just shut up for some time and mind your own business. Then I can get back to writing and everything will be well.

A very tired writer


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