What to wear?

I found this video clip from the TV show “Miranda” floating around the web, and I must admit I found it absolutely hilarious.

Now, I actually quite enjoyed the “What Not To Wear” show when I saw it. I find it a lot better that you can change your looks with clothes and natural means, rather than those horrible shows that say “you’re not good enough” and then pay for your liposuction and plastic surgery.

Even so, I still find this clip awesome.

What about you? Do you watch any of those shows and what are your views on them?


What to wear? — 2 Comments

  1. Oh… my colleagues used to threaten to ‘Trinny & Susannah’ me just to get me out of my work-wear which was monochrome! I kinda feel meh about those shows – in some ways I agree with what you said about changing ‘you’ minus body modification, but on the other hand… I feel a bit ‘wear what YOU want to wear and what you’ ok with’. I know that I probably look better in skirts than I do in jeans but I feel REALLY self conscious wearing them, so it’s a special occasion only thing. Ditto heels (plus once, many years ago now, a friend told me that you shouldn’t wear shoes that don’t look like the heels can *actually* support you! So ever since then (not being very sylph-like) I’ve been wary of skinny, stiletto style heels). In the UK we have Gok Wan who used to do a fashion show thing that the kids watched, and I enjoyed because it was all about having a good body image, regardless of your size.

    Miranda I’ve never watched – I know people who find her hilarious and I’ve seen her as a panel member on shows like Would I Lie To You and always thought she was ok, but not hugely funny. But then I’m not very good with comedy.

    And on another note – I’m so glad you a) have a non gaming blog, and b) that it’s in English So I can read it!!

    • I don’t watch any reality shows with any kind of regularity to be fair. No wait, that’s not entirely true.. there’s something entrancing about watching Gordon Ramsey yell at people.. so I tend to watch Hell’s Kitchen *lol*

      I think the Trinny & Susannah show got to me because when it was showing here it was during the period of all of those shows called things like “The Swan” and “Extreme Make-Over” where people basically came in, unhappy about themselves.. and instead of being taught to like themselves as they are – they were sent to plastic surgeons to “fix them”. To me that is so wrong.

      I like Trinny & Susannah’s approach in the sense of learning which kind of cuts/clothes work for my figure. Would I want someone to come in and throw out my entire wardrobe because they decide it doesn’t work for me? Hell no! (I love my ugly, comfy clothes for when I’m pottering around at home!)

      The show about having a good body image regarding of size sounds like something I enjoy. I’m very tired of today’s ideals and the prejudice people have against people who break the norm – in one way or another. I think we all need to learn to accept ourselves the way we are (easier said than done, I struggle with this myself). Let’s be honest – the world would be a boring place if we were all size 0 😉

      And thanks for liking my blog! I’ve had it for a long time, and recently decided to pick it back up again – cause some days there are just things you want to write about and the WoW blog just isn’t the place for it. Admittedly this one can get a bit boring sometimes since it’s a combination of “this is what I did today”-blog and my random ramblings about anything that pops into my head 😛

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