Ugh, seriously?

Have you seen the new Veet commercials? Apparently not shaving/waxing will now turn you into a man. Because women can’t/shouldn’t have any hair on their bodies.

It disgusts me that we’ve not come further than this, but a company can feel that they can make a commercial like this one. A woman is trying to hail a cab, and the cabbie won’t stop and take her cause OMG she has hairy armpits! And that’s just one of them, there are several more – all equally disturbing.

I didn’t even know that being seen as a man was an issue. I’ll sometimes go out without shaving my legs (to be fair, I get off easy since I have very fine, light hairs and I doubt anyone could tell without coming really close), and no one’s mistaken me for a man yet! Nor have I felt like one. And I certainly never worried about turning into a dude.

You know what, fuck you Veet. I’ll shave/wax when/if I want to, and not because you’re trying to make me think I’ll turn into a dude if I don’t.


Ugh, seriously? — 2 Comments

  1. The video has been removed. Boo.

    Yeah, my leg-shaving is definitely not something I worry about, also having fine mostly blonde hair on it. I still have yet to turn into a man.

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