This bothers me…

So, a friend and I are having quite a disagreement about this image that he linked me. Let me show it to you…


Aston Martin ad


Okay, so I consider this pretty horrible. It’s sexist and it compares women to used cars. Something to be owned by and used by men. Something for men to play with. While my friend says it’s “just a joke”. The thing is, while it is a joke; that doesn’t make it any less sexist. The more we accept things like these as “just funny”, the more we’re saying that this is okay.

Because while you can argue that it could, just as well, have been an ad with a near-naked man and a similar text when there was something women would want to buy.. (cause why would we want an Aston Martin…? Hello, stereotypes!) There usually isn’t. If you look at the ads out there. The majority turn women into sexual objects, perpetuating the myth that a woman is not a being, she’s a toy for men to own and play with. I’m pretty sure that if you would compare ads… It’d come back with 100 to 1 in sexualised, sexist male commercials. If not a bigger difference.

Just because something could have used a nude man, doesn’t mean that it does. And the fact is that it rarely ever does. Women are almost always the ones used for ads like this. And while this one is in a more bad taste than most… It’s something that we see all the time. Saying that “sex sells”, doesn’t cut it for me. Because sex is going to sell for as long as we allow it to. We make excuses for it, and allow it to happen.

I’m sorry, but I don’t find the above image funny. And it bothers me that my friend does.

Now, it should be noted that the above image actually isn’t a real ad for Aston Martin. (In case the wrongly spelled “Pre Owned” didn’t tip you off already.) That doesn’t change the fact that people are bandying it about as something funny though. And it’s actually based on a real ad by BMW.



Now, BMW didn’t use a playboy image for theirs, but the message isn’t any less clear. This woman has, oh my god, slept with other men before you. But she is hot, so you wouldn’t really care. The message is the same as the fake ads, just with less skin.

My friend and I have disagreed before. Then it was about this. I found the commercial incredibly annoying, while he said it was “just fun” and “making fun of stereotypes”. No, I don’t think that commercial is funny, I don’t think it’s making fun of stereotypes. If that’s the intention, then it’s doing it badly.

If you want to see a commercial that’s making fun of stereotypes, then I would say that this is a good example. This I find funny.


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  1. That ad is obviously not “making fun of” stereotypes, it is typifying them.

    What is with society’s fetishization of this weird idea of purity? You can ask the first person I ever slept with how fun it was, and I’m 90% certain he would answer diplomatically (haha), but if he were *honest*, he’d say it was way less fun than sleeping with someone who had a little experience.

    But the thing with cars is that, unlike women, they don’t get better with experience. Their parts wear down, the brake pads get worn, things need to be replaced. Drawing the parallel between something that gets worse with use and women is actually really gross.

    • Yeah, it’s not even a good ad, since – as you say – wanting to be the first for a woman really isn’t that big of a deal. Or something you should strive for. Though our society does like to put women through the pure lens, where a certain number of partners is deemed “okay”, while a higher number is not. Whereas for men they’re just cheered for being manly if they’ve been with many women.

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