The Thing About Dicks

I was talking to a friend earlier, and we were discussing this interesting problem that we sometimes face as women. The innate need of some men to show off their dicks.

You can be having a nice conversation with someone on the phone through texting, then suddenly… you get a dick-picture. No warning. You’re not even necessarily flirting. And there it is. Staring you in the face.

What is it with these men? How does it work out in their mind?

“We’re having a nice conversation. She’s being totally cool and chatting with me… I think it’s time for the dick!”

Why would you ever think that’s the logical next step?!

No offense guys, but dicks aren’t that pretty. They’re not exactly aesthetically pleasing. It’s not like a woman will take a look at your dick and be instantly horny. Most of us just aren’t wired like that. Try chatting some more. If you think that it’s time to show a woman your dick. Think again. Unless she’s asking you to, keep it in your pants!


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