Ever so often (a bit more often than I’d like), I have someone call me up, trying to sell me something. Why is it that they a) never actually listen to you and b) will never take no for an answer?

Some of them have become easy to say no to now, though. “Sorry, I’m moving abroad this summer.”

It doesn’t help when they’re not listening though.

Telemarketer: Hi! As a valued customer to … Book Club, we’d like to offer you a choice from five books for free!

Me: Oh… Well, do I have to buy any more books after that?

Telemarketer: Yes, but… <insert random segments about why it’s so great>.

Me: Okay, well sorry then. I’m moving abroad this summer and I’m trying to have as little as possible with me. I just got rid of a whole bunch of books.

Telemarketer: But our service is great <insert random segments about why it’s so great>.

Me: Yeah, but I’m still moving this summer and I don’t want more books to take along.

Telemarketer: (finally seems to understand what I’m saying) Oh, okay. Bye!

(It should be noted, that this “valued customer” hasn’t actually been one since I moved to The Netherlands, which was in May 2000.)

I love books, and it’s difficult for me to not buy any. At least there’s Kindle. So I can buy books without it adding to the pile of stuff I’m bringing with me to England. Finding the Kindle app for my iPad was the best thing for me!


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    • That works too!

      I normally don’t answer either, but sometimes I’m expecting phone calls from companies etc. and don’t know what they are – so for a couple of days I may have to answer everything. Which is always frustrating!

  1. I always try to find balance between “be kind, after all none of these people wanted to work there in the first place” and “they shouldn’t even have your number”
    Here in Italy we have a directory of phone numbers of people who wish not to be contacted by telemarketers, but somehow they manage to get around this rule… As is always the case in my country.

    • Oh, we have that directory here too (of people not wanting to be contacted), but they sure find ways to get around it. A lot of people will list their home phone number, and they’ll call your mobile. Or you were a customer of theirs once 15 years ago – they’re allowed to contact you then. Even if you’ve ever been a customer to any of their partners/subsidiaries.. so you basically can’t avoid them.

      When I do answer I’m never rude, even when they’re rude to me. Sometimes I want to be (on the odd occasion when you get someone who’s actually being very rude on the phone), but I can never quite bring myself to do it.

      I just wish they’d take “no” for an answer sometimes, and not keep going. Or ask “why not?” I had one do that once, and it drove me nuts. It’s none of her business why not! Like when I was unemployed and would say that I just couldn’t afford their thing/service right now, and they’d (again) give me the sales pitch of how very cheap it was. Sorry, but very cheap doesn’t change the fact that I have no money!

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