There’s this commercial running in Sweden at the moment that makes me want to wring someone’s neck each time I see it. Somehow it just offends me on so many levels.. I found the British version on youtube, which is exactly the same.. so have a look!

Can you figure out what’s bothering me? I mean, come on… Why does he have to keep his wife/sister/mother from the shop? They’re grown women, surely they pay for it themselves. It’s not like men pay for everything “their women” buy these days. The mere hint of it makes me see red.

Oh yeah, don’t let your girlfriend/wife/sister find this website because you will be ruined!

Okay, so maybe that’s not the point they’re trying to make. Maybe they just want us to think he’s upset because his house is being overrun by clothes and shoes. But admittedly I find that kind of insulting as well. As if he has to warn other men because OMG women can’t restrain themselves!!

Aren’t we better than this these days? I realise it’s supposed to be “funny”. But you know what? I don’t think it’s funny. Why can’t we be funny without enforcing gender roles?

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