Remove Religion!

Earlier in August a local politician somewhere in Sweden put in the motion that Religion should be removed from the school curriculum, because in his words; science has come so far and we know that God doesn’t exist anyway.

I heard about this during a radio show, and they were mocking the entire idea, only discussing various funny ideas about whether God existed and other subjects that could be removed if we didn’t believe in something.

The thing is though, and I don’t know if this goes for other countries as well, but in Sweden, the Religion subject in school really has nothing to do about whether or not you believe in God. It’s to teach the kids about the various belief systems that are out there. Learning the differences and similarities between them, and hopefully gaining a better understanding of other cultures.

Whether or not you believe in God yourself is irrelevant.

Listening to the radio show and not hearing anyone make that connection was incredibly frustrating. Though the politician suggesting the removal of the subject beats everything of course. If nothing else, to me it shows a clear lack of understanding what the school is actually teaching the kids. Surely a politician should know better? And if they don’t.. I don’t know.. Educate yourself?

To me, removing Religion as a subject in school would be a horrible change. While we’re not overly religious in Sweden, I think it’s important to learn about religion and religious views so that we can understand those who are. I’m an atheist myself, but I feel comfortable being one because I have learned about a lot of the various religions and had the freedom to make up my own mind.

Knowledge is power, and I think that knowing about other people’s culture and belief systems (religion) is important in understanding them and leads to less prejudice.

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