Miss Representation

I came across this trailer for a documentary that I found very interesting. Once it comes out I think I will definitely have a look. Since it stems from the US it’s of course very focused on their country, but I don’t think it makes the base values of it any less interesting for those of us in other countries.

I’ve been more interested in documentaries than normal lately. I also saw one called Waiting for Superman earlier this year, about the American school system. It’s quite horrible to be fair, and I knew that it was bad – but I never knew quite how bad. Same with the documentary Sicko – about their health care. We have a lot of (often younger) people in Sweden who sing the praises to the US – often because all they see are the movies and TV shows, in which life looks awesome. It never really shows how little security people have if they get sick or lose their jobs.

But I digress. In short; I think it looks like an interesting documentary, Miss Representation and I’m definitely going to watch it.

Do you have any interesting documentaries you’d like to recommend?


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  1. Heh I finally got round to watching the trailer and now I’m raging: ‘What would be wrong with having a woman in the White House?’ ‘Other than the PMS and the mood swings…?’ Himself ducked and I breathed in and out… very slowly! I didn’t realise that it was a film, I thought is was a short. It’s going on to the ‘to watch’ list anyway. It’s been a while since I watched a documentary.

    I guess we’re kinda lucky – our tv has BBC iPlayer built in so we catch up on a lot of the BBC4 documentary stuff via that. We watch Horizon (usually to critisise how they portray the science, but hey, at least they’re trying, plus political stuff as and when but in terms of films *scratches head* I’m not too sure.

    It’s not a documentary by any stretch but I am planning to go and see We Need to Talk About Kevin when it comes out as I was engrossed in the book and the film looks like it just might be as good as the book. Not one to watch when you’re feeling down though!

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