Male Privilege

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a huge post on male privilege per se. I’m just annoyed after reading through forums again. Maybe I should stop reading forums, cause I swear I never read anything good in them!

Basically, I saw a post in which a guy was whining about feminists talking about male privilege, because OMG there is no such thing and really women have all the power. His reasons for saying that women have all the power?

A man and a woman both go to a random club. Which one is going to get flooded with phone number requests and which is going to have to work hard to get the attention of the opposite sex?

And which of the two can get laid with virtually zero effort?

So… I guess there is no such thing as male privilege because… lo and behold, women can get sex whenever they want. How did I not realise this? O M G. This totally takes away all the other injustices!

Male privilege isn’t about which gender has an easier time getting laid. And even if he wanted to use that as his basis, it’s simply a faulty statement to begin with. I don’t want to throw personal insults, but I can’t help but wonder if he’s met with little luck when going out himself, and that made him decide that women had all the power. Maybe he’s just hitting on the wrong women… Then again, he doesn’t sound like someone I’d like to talk to in a bar.

A very attractive woman may get propositioned a lot when going out. That isn’t necessarily a good thing. I imagine it can be rather tiresome. Especially if the men will be all grumpy because she doesn’t want to immediately have sex with them. Cause I guess she should just say yes to anyone or it will be female privilege?

A very attractive man, I suspect, has an easy a time getting laid as a very attractive woman.

For the rest of us… Ranging in the average to ugly scale. I imagine getting laid is similarly difficult for both men and women. As a less attractive woman (by society’s standards), I seriously doubt that I’d have an easier time getting laid when going out than a guy of similar looks.

The whole argument is just ridiculous. I could happily argue who has a better chance at getting laid (though I suspect it’s very similar), but I can never agree to say that it has anything to do with male vs female privilege.


Male Privilege — 5 Comments

  1. Guys who complain about how easy it is for women to get laid are usually ugly and with very high standards. So they are hitting on women way, way hotter than they are and wondering why none of those bitches will sleep with him, he’s a nice guy, they’re probably just whores anyway.

    • Yeah, it’s like they think every woman owes them something and should just sleep with them because they bother to give them attention. It just doesn’t work like that. And it’s the same for women.. If I was to walk up to one of the hotter guys in the pub – I’d not be any luckier than an average/below-average guy hitting on one of the hotter girls. Only I don’t moan about it and say that it’s because of male privilege.

      • Yeah, it’s like they think all guys are willing to just stick their dicks in anyone, whether they find them attractive or not, when the reality is that most people will only sleep with people they are attracted to.

        Except the ugly guys with unrealistic standards, they are stuck “settling” on girls of average attractiveness. Quelle horreur.

    • Oh yeah! I read that once, and then completely forgot about it.. It’s quite hilarious at times *lol* (Other times I almost feel bad for the guys… but some of them are total creeps it seems)

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