If you’re going to rant about immigrants, at least make sense!

As in many countries that take in immigrants and refugees there are a lot of grumbling in Sweden about it. Most people understand why it’s done, and the good that it does, but there are always people who are unhappy about it. People who think that the refugees are the sole reason for increased crime, every rape, lack of this or that for Swedish people and so on and so forth.

While I will agree that Sweden’s immigration politics could be improved, mainly in the integration section, I have absolutely no issue with us accepting refugees, and in fact think it’s a rather good thing. When I read articles or posts written by people who disagree, it bothers me that most of the time they can’t even make a good argument for why we shouldn’t accept them.

For example, this popped up on my Facebook feed the other day. (Yes, it’s in Swedish.. sorry!)




Basically, the person is linking to an article about immigrant housing, with the comment “NOW THE SWEDISH PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR SUMMER HOMES, NO ONE REACTS”.

I clicked through to the article, which basically said that there’s a lack of immigrant housing in Sweden (a known problem). In one town they had some condemned houses that were about to be torn down, but then instead got used to house immigrants. A good change, right? Instead of demolishing them, they are now getting used by someone! But no, the writer was actually sitting there crying because these houses weren’t torn down, instead some money had been spent on making them livable (surely from the immigration budget) and they’re not being used. Boohoo, right?

Now, apart from the ludicrousness of the article in and of itself.. Where does the Facebook poster get the idea what the Swedish people will lose their summer homes?? A summer home or summer cabin is a small house that you own and visit during the summer. It’s not like someone’s suddenly going to come and say that they’re taking your home and giving it to immigrants! These were condemned houses about to be torn down! No one lived there.

I can only assume that the summer house comment was due to a small note in the article where it was mentioned that due to the lack of suitable apartments/housing, at times the Immigration has to put immigrants in campings and similar. I’d say that’s quite different to people losing their summer homes. Not to mention… How many regular, Swedish people do you see renting a cabin at the camping in winter? I can tell you.. not many! It’s not like living in a camping cabin is a nice place to live… It’s doable for a week or two during vacation. But who would ever want to do it for a longer period of time?

But yeah… I guess you had better go and lock down your summer home, cause I’m sure Immigration will come knocking any moment and taking it from you…


If you’re going to rant about immigrants, at least make sense! — 2 Comments

  1. Anti-immigration people are so irritating! I have a bunch of friends who are first-generation immigrants and they embody literally none of the things anti-immigration people complain about. Yes, the one or two old grandmothers who’ve lived in Canada for forty years who still don’t speak English is annoying, but they are the exception and never the rule!

    • Yeah, I’m never comfortable when people tend to bunch everyone up into one clump with no variation. It’s like saying that all Swedish people are blonde and stupid. Or all Norwegians smell of oil and fish.

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