Hair Do You Do?

A couple of weeks ago there was a big discussion going on over here in Sweden. What about you ask? Hair. Or rather, hair in your armpits. To specify; hair in women’s armpits because that’s very different to hair under a man’s arms.

During our national contest to decide which song/artist is sent to the Eurovision Song Contest we had a live show for the last one and when the winner was announced the camera did a sweeping move over the overjoyed audience.

As they did so for a brief moment we saw a happy woman cheering with her arms up in the air, and she hadn’t shaved her armpits. Some crafty gentleman shortly made a Facebook group where he posted a stills creen of this woman where he basically made fun of her for not shaving. He was joined by hundreds, if not thousands of people agreeing – all making fun of this woman for not shaving. Calling her ugly and disgusting, among many other things.

I find the fact that so many people find it okay to heckle and make fun of another human being like that rather appalling.

All because she has the “audacity” to not shave her armpits.

First of all, whether someone shaves or not is their personal business as far as I’m concerned. Shave, don’t shave – I don’t care. The whole shaving debate is overdone a lot of times where there are people like me who don’t care, and others who think a “true feminist” has to not shave. Here’s the deal, some feminists shave, some don’t. Some non-feminsts shave, some don’t.

Some people have tried to make a counter action and they created a Facebook group where various women post photos of their hairy armpits. As you can imagine they are being quite heavily verabally abused.

Some of the arguments put forward.. or arguments.. statements in some cases.. really frustrate me, because they’re either not right or they’re nothing but a personal opinion, not based on facts. Or based on the idea that the “rules” are different for men and women.

“Hair under your arms makes you unfresh and disgusting.”

I find this one interesting because apparently it only applies to women. There’s not a single time that I can recall where someone has accused a man for being unclean/unfresh/disgusting for not shaving under the arms. Why would a woman be, if a man is not?

“Men are discriminated against too! If we have a beard we can’t get a job in some service related professions.”

Right, because that’s comparable. Come back the day that someone makes a facebook group with a photo of a bearded man in an audience going “OMG LOOK HE’S SO DISGUSTING”

“Disgusting. No one will fuck you.”

Because every woman’s most important desire is to be fuckable by every man, right? Sorry, but if you’re turned off by a little bit of hair, don’t hang out in a Facebook group like this. There are plenty of women who do shave, get one of them and keep your opinions to yourself.

I’m not arguing about whether you should shave or not, but I think it should be something that every person should be able to decide themselves. Without the fear of being shamed for it.

(I had more to say on the subject but I feel like I’m not necessarily making myself clear, and I’m too tired/headachy to be able to formulate myself better.)


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  1. I agree entirely. Who cares about what other people do with their body hair? You don’t like it, don’t date them or be friends with them, right?

    I’ve never really understood the body policing so-called feminists have been known to do (although it’s usually an insistence that women who shave or wax their ladybits that are under attack, rather than armpit hair-havers). Do you have to look at her nether regions? No. If she prefers the looks and/or feel of no hair, it is her business and not yours.

    I mean, if you get enraged about politicians trying to police birth control, shouldn’t you get enraged at other women trying to police your bodily autonomy?

    • I don’t know if you’ve seen it (I only happened to come across it through another blog), but there’s a blog post currently on a WoW blog which is quite anti-feminism. Not so much against its ideas, but the feminists themselves. Cause apparently they’re all rabid, man-hating women? Now, I realise that there are all kinds of feminists just like there are all kinds of people.. I consider myself a feminist, but it frustrates me when some other feminists take the stance of “I’m a better feminist/You’re not a real feminist if you “. Surely feminism is about equality and for women to have the choice to do what they want, rather than the expectation to do something specific.

      You’re not less of a feminist if you shave. Honestly, it has no bearing on women’s rights if you shave or not. But you should be able to not shave and not be shamed for it by the public. At the same time you shouldn’t be shamed for shaving by feminists!

      We have a blogger here in Sweden who writes a lot about feminism, gender equality and genderisation. I don’t agree with 100% of what she says, but she write about very interesting and thought provoking things. Now, some feminists are giving her a hard time because OMG she’s currently a stay at home mom (who studies). Surely again, you can still be a feminist even if you’re home with the kids. You can still believe in equal rights and all of that. Rather the fact that she’s home proves that we’re not on equal grounds yet. Since she’s home because her husband earns so much more money that it wouldn’t be viable for him to be on parental leave instead of her.

      But I digress.. 🙂

  2. It’s up to everyone themselves… I personally prefer shaved, but that’s me. I don’t care if someone else doesn’t shave, can’t see how it affects me at all? I am friends with both guys and girls who both do and don’t shave and groups like the afore mentioned one just plain disgust me to be honest.

    Live and let live… A bit of hair (especially belonging to someone else) isn’t going to harm you!

    • Yes, I shave myself as well but I know lots of people who don’t and I don’t care. Why should I? Why should anyone else? I just can’t believe that it was such a “big deal” to see a woman’s hairy armpit for a few seconds on TV that someone had to make a Facebook group about it. Some people obviously have too much time on their hands… (and too much air in their heads!)

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