Facebook Pet Peeves

I never used to be on Facebook, but I’ve broken down and now check it a couple of times a day probably. With family living in various parts of the country, and friends in all parts of the world – it just seems like the easiest way to keep track of what they’re doing. I guess I’m nosy. Or a Facebook stalker. Whatever works though, right?

Anyway, as I’m hanging out on Facebook, there are some things that really annoy me when I see them. And I’m not even talking about the billion game requests – I’ve now learned how to hide/ignore them. It’s the inane things that people post sometimes.

“Like if you’ve ever…”

The posts where they tell you to like/share if you’ve ever done <insert random thing that 90% of the people on FB probably has done> or if you’re against cancer or some other serious illness/condition. Cause come on, who’s not against these things? And do I really have to “share this” if I love my mom. We all love our moms, we don’t have to prove it to you by sharing a picture/status!


“I’m a…”

This seems to be very popular at the moment. I get to know what flower everyone is, what bird they are, which colour, which supernatural being. These tests are so stupid, I clicked on a couple – and the questions don’t even make sense! It’s all just random stuff. I don’t understand how people can find these funny! And even if they do, why would you feel the need to share your result? Does anyone really care if you’re the colour blue, should be a redhead and that you’re an owl.

Adults acting like pre-teens

These statuses mainly seem to show up on my Swedish feeds, but I’m assuming they exist in English too. They’re basically a list like: “Like if you would want to hug me, Share if you would like to kiss me, Comment if you would like to date me”. I’m sorry, but surely that’s pre-teen stuff for you to find out if that cute guy in your class actually likes you? Not something for adults to do? Especially adults in serious relationships, cause why would they care if someone wants to date them??

Parents who have to prove their love

This one really grinds my gears. Some parents out there (I write parents, but to be fair – it seems to mainly be moms) seem to have the need to prove how much they love their children. Not by writing about the children or sharing stories about their parenting. But sharing inane little images about how much they love their child. “Share this if you love your son/daughter.” I don’t doubt that you love your kid(s). I don’t think anyone does. Why do you feel that you have to show it to us on FB all the time? If it was once in a while, I’d not really think about it. But there are some people who seem to post these all. the. friggin’. time!


Passive aggressiveness

You know the ones. People who complain about others without naming them, but it’s very obvious it’s aimed at someone. Even more funny is when someone complains about passive aggressiveness, and being passive aggressive about it themselves!


Wanting attention, and yet not…

Look. If you don’t want to talk about something… Don’t post about it on facebook! I never understood why people would want to post something vague, which they must know people will ask about… and then just not want to explain.


Bonus: Facebook App on your phone

I have the FB app on my phone, though I rarely use it. Even less now that they put it into two separate parts. No, Facebook! Just no! I am not willing to download a separate app to be able to chat with my friends. The first app had both, I don’t see why you had to split it into two. So I’m now refusing to download the new chat app, which means there’s not much use in having the first on my phone either.

Do you have any Facebook pet peeves?



Facebook Pet Peeves — 2 Comments

  1. I have definitely refused to download the Facebook chat app. Like, seriously, one app isn’t enough? It’s crazy.

    My pet peeve is people who share ridiculous holistic medicine things, or that “cut onions are poison!!” things. Basically I hate bad science and people who can’t google things.

    • Oh, I totally get those. I’ve been fairly lucky to see very few of them though. Possibly because I have – compared to many others – very few facebook friends.

      It made me chuckle at one point, cause I was watching a show where they were talking about catfishing, and one of the experts said that a possible sign that the person wasn’t real was if they had fewer than 100 friends on facebook. I had something like 89 at the time. (I am now up to a neat 115, mainly due to adding people who play the same games that I do. Sad, I know.)

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