I came across this article, and it just illustrates really well some of the issues I have with the 50 Shades books. When you read the quotes like that, it becomes very cringe-worthy.

6 Quotes from 50 Shades of Grey


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  1. I got a debate with someone on Facebook about the books. He kept saying how the BDSM was fantasy, and not abuse. And I kept saying the problem isn’t the BDSM, it is everything else about the guy.

    He ended up deleting all my comments. That reminds me, I need to delete him from my Facebook.

    • It’s so frustrating, I hear that excuse so many times. Sure, people can fantasize about whatever they want – but it gets dangerous when it is thrown around as this big, wonderful love story. The author is refusing to recognise that anything she’s written is abuse, we’re all just supposed to think it’s a great romance and these characters go off and live happily ever after. It’s not even “proper” BDSM since he won’t let her use the safe word. Who fantasises about that, really?

      He’s such a creepy, awful character. It drives me nuts when some women say they want their own Christian Grey. No, really. You don’t!! So many of the things he does that are supposed to be romantic, are actually horrible things to do. *shudders*

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