A laptop just for us ladies? Oh gosh!

So, apparently Fujitsu is releasing a new laptop. This one is made just for the ladies, because apparently we need a special brand of laptop just for us. It has a latch to open the top that is especially made to not chafe or break your nice, manicured nails. Oh, and small gems on some keys.

It even comes pre-installed with some lady must-have programs! Horoscopes, Diary and Scrapbooking. Because what lady doesn’t read her horoscope every day? Or write a diary? Oh, and we all scrapbook!

Seriously, Fujitsu? Why do you think women need a different laptop to men? Not to mention it’s all very offensive in what programs are installed. Horoscopes? Give me a break. Oh, did I mention the lovely colours? It comes in three colours; Elegant White, Feminine Pink and Luxury Brown. What’s wrong with a simple, black laptop I wonder?

Worst of all, the press release by Fujitsu barely mentions the specs of the laptop. Instead it focuses mainly on how pretty it looks with its goldlining, its diamond-cut stone on a couple of keys… Because apparently women don’t care about performance.

You can read exactly how many words of the press release was devoted to specs and how many was devoted to other things in this article from Jezebel.

Now I’m going back to playing computer games on my PC. An AMD Phenom II X6, 3.20 Ghz, with 12 GB RAM and a Radeon 5800 series graphics card. (Since us women don’t care about specs.)


A laptop just for us ladies? Oh gosh! — 2 Comments

  1. Oh, wow. It says the scrapbook program organises URLs for things like “retail stores and recipes.” because women never bookmark anything else?

    I know the Japanese have really strong feelings about femininity, but my female Japanese friends would want to know the specs and not just that it has sparkly bits. And they aren’t abnormal, either.

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