50 Shades in Law & Order (sort of)

I have a tendency to watch cop shows. Not entirely sure why, but at least by now I have many, many ideas on how to murder someone and how to hide the evidence (in case I should ever need to, you know?). One of the shows I watch is Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

The third episode of the current season (14, since it’s gone on since like… forever) had a very interesting plot. I’ve been all over the 50 Shades recaps by Jennifer Armintrout (so much awesome), and have come to loathe the book and all it stands for. Anyway, in this episode the cops are dealing with an author who wrote an erotic novel called 25 Acts (of something?). Then she gets raped by a television host who claims he was just acting out scenes from her novel.

What I reacted to most in the episode was probably the fact that he’s doing the whole “I’m Christian Grey and you do as I say!” thing.. only, it’s far from romantic. Or sexy. Or anything.

Also, no safe word was ever mentioned. Ever. So good luck on trying to get that counting as BDSM dude! I think that’s one of the things that bother me about Christian Grey as well. Yes, he may have a safe word.. but BDSM is about control, and he always seems to want to spank Ana when he’s angry. His “palm is itching” etc. You don’t hit someone because you’re angry in BDSM. Surely that’s like the biggest no-no out there?

But I digress..

Then the episode made me chuckle because there’s talk of plagiarism. Yes.. plagiarism.. Guess what, she didn’t really write the book herself? Now, what does that remind us of?

Anyway, I recommend watching the episode. It’s quite interesting for those who may have followed the 50 Shades phenomenon. Though I should probably mention it can be triggering. The scenes with that guy and the author are very very creepy. (There’s even an elevator scene.. like in 50 Shades!)


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