We’re both so incredibly happy. There are still plenty of things that can go wrong, but they’ve accepted the offer and solicitors are being contacted – so hopefully this is it, this will be our new home.

It’s a two bedroom ground floor flat, with a garden – which makes me very happy. When I lived in The Netherlands I didn’t have a garden, or even a balcony, and I hated it. During the summers I really do want the option to sit outside and enjoy the weather. And BBQs!

If I’m lucky, we might get to view it again next week while I’m visiting. We’re definitely getting a second viewing, but it depends on the sellers when it’s suitable for them – so I’m just hoping that will be during the days I’m around. Would be great to see it once before moving. Measure a couple of rooms to know if some of my stuff will fit.

Now I just hope we won’t hit any snags, but that everything will work out. I don’t think I will breathe easy until the papers are signed.


So. Very. Happy.



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  1. We’re so happy and excited for you two!!! Finally some light and good news! And a spare room for when I come to visit! Haha

    • Yes, come visit!!!

      And as happy as I am, I am also terrified that something will go wrong. I don’t think I will breathe easy until the papers are signed *lol* Still, this is a huge first step and I’m so excited!

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