I’m tired. As usual. Seems I’m always tired lately. It sucks.

Soo.. what’s up with me.. hmm..

– My mom baked home-made cinnamon rolls.. they’re tasty so I stole one.. yummy!

– Bailey ate a kid’s shoe.. (the only kid whose shoes he will actually destroy.. anybody else’s he just moves from one spot to another..)

– I’ve applied for a few more jobs, still heard nothing from any of them. But then again, summer is slow in recruitment, I should know..

– In a few days my mom and them are heading out, so I have the house for myself for 3 days. Which will be nice.. since well.. I hate living at my mom’s place since I’m not used to it. (Too bloody old for it too! But what to do when you have no money to pay for a ‘real’ place?)

– Still tired of everything.. life sucks.. bleh

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