Writing (8)

I’ve been talking with some people lately about writing and realised that I really miss it. Back when I started this blog I was working on my novels and writing pretty much every day. Nowadays I might write in my two blogs, but there’s not really any writing going on for my novels.

I’m trying to put my finger on why that is. Could it be because when I got sick I lost all my energy and inspiration? While partly true (energy is definitely low) I still have inspiration, but whenever I try to write it all feels like utter tripe.

Then again, things often feel like utter tripe when you write, but if you go back to it a week or two later you might realise it wasn’t quite as bad as you first thought. (Okay, sometimes it’s worse – but for the most part it’s not as bas as you imagined.)

I would really like to get back to writing more again, I just have to find a way to manage my schedule in such a way that I have spare time (and spare energy) to do some writing.

How does everyone else manage to find the time to do what they like?

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