Winter is Coming

Game of Thrones season four is here! Hooray!

Oh, and if you’ve seen the previous three seasons, you need to watch this Honest Trailer – it’s awesome! (Honest Trailers in general are lots of fun, but never watch them before the movie!)

I really enjoyed the first episode, which caught us up to most of the main characters. I’m waiting to see what’s going on with Bran though, since he wasn’t included yet. And while he’s not a main character, I want an update on Theon Greyjoy.

I’m not sure how I feel about the actor switch for Daario. It’s much more noticeable than the switches they’ve made for The Mountain. (I didn’t even realise the first switch… Though to be fair I never even realised it was the Mountain in those shots… possibly because of the actor switch?) I didn’t really like the first actor, but I’ve not read the books – so for all I know he’s supposed to be creepy.

Watching Daenerys and her dragons, I suspect we’re going to see some more with her losing control over them. I just don’t think that they’d add the line about “no one can control dragons” for no reason.

On the whole, I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season. I enjoy watching Arya turning into more and more of an assassin, and I’m waiting for her to go find the faceless(?) since at the end of last season she was toying with the coin given to her by that guy (Jaqen?).

Now… I just want it to be time for the next episode already!


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  1. Do you mean the Mountain is supposed to be creepy, or Daario? The Mountain 100% is (as you recall, he was the one who gave the Hound that scar when the Hound was 6 or 7).

    Daario is not supposed to be creepy, he’s supposed to be incredibly handsome and charming, and also to have a blue beard which is somehow attractive to Daenerys who apparently has terrible taste in men, but she’s 13 at the start of the books so what teenage girl doesn’t?

    (Aging people up for the series works better for some characters than others. Adults acting like young teenagers is more jarring!)

    • Sorry, I wasn’t very clear in that paragraph *lol* I meant Daario. I find the new actor to be sort of average, and it just doesn’t seem to fit the kind of character he’s supposed to be? And what happened with the blue beard? That’d been awesome to see 😀

      I wonder if she’s supposed to be older than 13 in the tv show (Daenerys), since she certainly looks it. Sansa is 13 in the show though I think.. didn’t she say something about that in last season when Tyrion asked how old she was?

      And The Mountain is one scary guy.. The Hound seems to have redeeming qualities. The Mountain… not so much!

      • Yes, they aged up a few of the characters. Jon and Robb were supposed to be 14 at the beginning, Daenerys was 13. Jaime and Cersei were 31 (most recent episode mentions Jaime’s 40). Margaery was 14, her brother was 16. Joffrey was 12.

        It’s less gross to think of an adult Dany and Khal Drogo than the 13 year old Dany and 30-ish Drogo in the books. It still squicks me out when I read them.

        • Ugh, yeah.. 13 year old Dany and Khal Drogo is not a pleasant thought. I don’t see why GRRM had to make them all so young. Adding just a couple of years would have made it at least a little bit better.

          • He has apparently said that he wishes he’d made everyone a little older. He’s also said that he had intended a 6-year gap at some point, which won’t be happening now.

            Could you imagine where the gap would even go, with all the drama going on?! There is zero stability!

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