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There’s a lot of beavers in and around my hometown at the moment, but I have yet to see a single one. I see signs of them being around, like fallen trees where you can see their bite marks etc. Well, and of course there were the few days when one of the little lakes/tarns (whatever to call it) was completely dried out – because the beavers had built a dam further up!

Most of my family members have managed to see one. Even my sister who lives 4 hours away, and her boyfriend, saw one when they were here this summer! Like five minutes after I left them too. Totally unfair! My brother has seen one when driving home – you know, on the road that I drive on too several times a week?

Have I seen any wild beavers though? Nope! Not a single one!

I had really wanted to see one before I left for England too, because it’s one of the few wild animals in Sweden I’ve not seen (outside a zoo). Well, not counting bear, wolf or boar. Because, quite honestly, I’m happiest not meeting any of them. A beaver though… I wouldn’t risk getting mauled by a beaver. At least I don’t think so…

Or maybe there are murderous beavers who attack humans on sight? They don’t just chew wood, but your limbs too! They’re all secretly plotting to kill us and take over the world!

Look! There’s even a book about murderous beavers! It even has a bad pun. Dangerous beavers is obviously a thing.


But what do I know about beavers? I’ve never seen one…


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  1. I have never seen a beaver, but I have seen a lot of bears! We like to camp in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully I haven’t seen wolves or cougars.

    I don’t think we have beavers on the island, but I know we have them on the mainland because a huge part of why people came to Canada in the first place was for beaver pelts.

    • I’d be terrified if I was to meet a bear! I thought I saw a wolf once, but it was probably just a large, shaggy dog 😀 It was late at night and very dark, so I couldn’t see it very well.

      Oh, that’s interesting – I didn’t realise that’s why a lot of people came to Canada. In Sweden I think people were just sort of here. I highly doubt someone went “oh look, that place up north looks so cold and uninviting.. let’s go there!” Actually, now I’m curious.. I wonder if Google can answer that 😀

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