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Almost all of the tv shows I follow have had their season finale and won’t be back until September/October. So what will I watch now??

I should probably look through older shows to see if there’s something I wouldn’t mind watching from the start. I was thinking of How I Met Your Mother – a show I currently see now and then when I happen to catch it on tv. The problem of course being that I have absolutely no idea where I’m at since I’ve seen a few episodes from every season most likely.

Maybe I should watch the remaining two seasons of Family Guy. I started watching it all from scratch a while ago so I guess I could continue with that.

Or maybe pick up Ugly Betty where I left off. That show is now over, so I could watch all of the remaining episodes.

I just can’t wait though for True Blood to begin again. And Dexter – though I don’t know when that’s going to start.

Shows I watch religiously:
True Blood
House M.D.
The Mentalist
Law & Order:Special Victims Unit

Shows I watch religiously but barely dare to admit it:
Grey’s Anatomy
Private Practice

Shows I catch whenever I can:
Family Guy
The Simpsons
How I Met Your Mother

Any show suggestions for me now while I’m waiting for my normal shows to come back?


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