Weekend Alone

The boyfriend has gone off for the weekend with his mates, and wont be back until Monday afternoon –  so I am left on my own devices until then. It’s my first weekend alone for quite some time, since I spent the last year living with my brother. That said, I do feel a bit limited since I don’t entirely know how to get around yet, and I’m still not driving here. (Stupid left-traffic!)

I get to totally spread out in the bed though, since I have it all to myself for three more nights (he left yesterday), and it’s glorious! Sure, Bailey will spend some time in it now and then (but he’s mostly on the floor or in his dog bed), but he doesn’t really take up that much of the bed. So I’m sleeping in the middle and enjoying the extra space while I can.

Cooking is probably where I fail the most when left on my own. Preparing meals for just yourself is quite boring, and a lot of the time just doesn’t quite seem worth it. So, I’m having to force myself to still eat. It’s always been one of my issues when living alone – skipping dinners and not bothering to eat properly.

The plans for the weekend are basically… Sleep. Binge watch Gotham. Play some games. (And some house chores, that I really don’t want to – but kind of has to be done.) On Sunday I’m meeting up with a couple of the girlfriends of the boyfriend’s mates. We’re going to some Christmas do/choir(?) in church and then to one of their homes for some mulled wine.

I’m not religious, but I guess Christmas music is Christmas music? I also don’t drink mulled wine. But I don’t want to be anti-social and rude, so I didn’t want to say no when they asked if I wanted to come.

I feel bad a lot of times, because people ask me to do things – and a lot of the times I’m just tired and want to stay home and take it easy. It worries me to think that people might think that I’m rude or don’t want to hang out with them. I’m just so tired, and social gatherings aren’t something I’m good at. At least it’s not a big thing with a lot of people, and it’s nice to go out now and then. Usually I dread it, but once I actually do it, it’s usually okay.

What is everyone else planning for the weekend?


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  1. Based on my BBC watching, most Brits aren’t religious, but church and singing is tradition and they are very traditional. Of course, this is all just based on TV shows from there, so maybe all his friends’ girlfriends are religious. 😛

    But it sounds nice, anyway, and maybe one of them will be someone you click with who will help make a new home less lonely!

    • Yeah, I don’t get the impression that a lot of people here are religious, either. I know one of the girls is (the one whose church we’re going to), but not sure about the other. I’ve met them both before, but not much. The other girl has a dog, so we’ve gone out with them together a couple of times. They’re both very nice people, so I’m sure it will be fine. I just hope it’s not a long service at the same time as the choir in church, because if I stay too long I might combust, being on sacred ground and all that 😛

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