Visiting Home

I’m gorging on all the things. Seeing everyone that I can. And, oh – contracted a cold. Because what is Swedish winter without a bit of sickness?


Visiting Home — 2 Comments

    • To be fair, very few things are truly Swedish food. In general we eat a lot of Italian and Mexican inspired foods.

      Meatballs with a brown cream sauce, boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam is probably what I would say is the true Swedish food. And one of the things I’ve been dying to have. Yes, I can make it in the UK – but it’s never quite the same (and the lingonberry jam can only be bought at Ikea, and then it’s a bad off-brand!)

      I’m missing odd things though. Like we LOVE sauces in Sweden with our food – and in the UK they don’t seem to have nearly as many. I’ve not even managed to find a good hamburger dressing. So I’m buying some of the sauces that come in satchels to bring back with me, while some of the others I just have to eat while here.

      A lot of the things aren’t necessarily very Swedish – they’re just not the same as in the UK, which means I miss them *lol* Like the way they make pizzas here compared to there, or kebabs for that matter. You really miss odd things *lol* Some spice mixes as well. Like, their chili con carne mix is waaay different than ours!

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