Vacation Time

Today is the first day of my vacation week. It’s my only week until next summer unfortunately – but I can only hope the weather will be good so that I can enjoy it!

The vacation started out nicely since on Friday after work I got to have BBQ at my mom’s. It wasn’t planned, but they had some spare food and I was there for something else – and I’m not stupid, if someone offers me dinner I’m in!

The plans for the week includes a visit to dad and the others on Friday (going back home Monday) and some tidying up in the apartment. I want to get the last moving boxes unpacked and sorted. Today I drove to the shopping mall that’s quite a distance from here, but I didn’t actually get anything, but at least it was a day out. If the weather allows I also plan on a picnic out in the forest by one of the lakes one day.

This evening there was a really bad thunderstorm in town – but it seems to have quieted down now.

Oh, I also took the summer’s first swim in the lake today. Yes, I’m late I know.. But better late than never, right?

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