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Wattpad is actually a pretty neat thing. It helps that I discovered that Jenny Trout is putting a novel up on it. It’s YA horror or something, which isn’t quite my normal reading. But I like her writing, so I will give it a try.

A small update on the previous Wattpad disaster story that I was reading.. Yes, it turns out that he does have a tobacco plantation in the UK. With slaves. Methinks the writer is confusing the south of the UK to the south of the US. The story itself reminds me a little bit of the old bodice ripper books, back in the day. It’s not actually gotten that far yet though, but the attitude of the hero certainly seems suitable enough to one of those.

I’m not trying to bash the story. It’s not awful. Some people seem to really enjoy it. I think I’m just trying to say that… Research, people. Research. Even if it’s a story that you’re providing people for free. For your own integrity as a writer. Please, do at least a little bit of research.

I don’t care if some mistakes are there. But the existance of slaves in the UK during the Regency era… and tobacco plantations that sound like they’ve been picked up from South Carolina and just dropped down in the UK… It’s asking me to suspend belief a little bit too much.

Also. Proofreading and revision!

I remember reading somewhere that someone who’s been picked up for her writing (fan fiction, now being published as a book), was saying that she never revises or proofreads. Because it would ruin her creativity. Or something. I’ve read my stuff before proofing/revising. Trust me. It needs to be done. (Something I think she will realise now that she has an editor! Which is good. She can grow as a writer.)

In this novel I’m reading on Wattpad.. There’s a lot of mistaken then instead of than, and vice versa. To instead of too. You know, the typical ones.

So, let’s just agree that proofreading and revising is a good thing. I’m re-reading my first novel now, I’ve already proofread it a couple of times before, and I’m still finding mistakes!


Update on the Wattpad — 3 Comments

  1. Tobacco in the south of England. Slavery is possible, since it wasn’t technically abolished until 1833 (though the trade of slaves had been in 1807), but less likely as there was a lot of opposition to slavery and I don’t think anyone admirable would have owned any in that era. Maybe the villain, but not the hero!

    • I checked it out as well, and I may have misunderstood, but I got the impression that they were traders more than anything else. Their slaved were mainly in the West Indies.

      That being said, I guess it’s not an impossibility that someone had slaves in the UK. It was frowned upon, but as you said, not yet abolished.

      I just find it amusing to read, really. Cause most of the descriptions still make me think of the south of the US. šŸ™‚

      • It would make waaaay more sense to be set in the US South, since there wasn’t as much opposition to slavery there, with all the plantations making all that money.

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