I had surgery on my leg Thursday 10 June and I have to admit I didn’t enjoy it at all. My doctor had initially said that I would be put under, but once I got there I found out that I wouldn’t be. Instead I got a “spinal” or something such, basically a big friggin’ needle into your spine (hurts like hell) and you end up paralysed from the waist down.

The good thing is of course I couldn’t feel anything in my leg, but I found the whole experience of being awake during surgery rather disturbing. Also the feeling of being unable to move was unpleasant to say the least. While it was meant to be from the waist down it crept up my chest and down my arms as well. While I could move them, it was only barely – and while obviously I kept breathing it was an odd feeling when you can’t “feel” yourself breathe.

Once it was over it was fine though, and I’m now waiting for the stitches to be taken out (another week). I’ve changed the bandages a couple of times and let me tell you – stitches make me feel like the Bride of Frankenstein 😛

I think the pain is better, but it’s been difficult to tell with the bruising and swelling. (First few days my leg was the size of a water melon, but I think now it’s down to the size of a honey melon 😛 )

In other news there’s a hitch in the work placement thing that I was meant to start in August (originally July). The Swedish agency is being difficult and very rule-dominated saying that some things aren’t what they want them to be. I hope that something can be worked out though, because if the employment doesn’t go through I will be very unhappy. Not to mention I would have to start all over again in a new work place. I really like it where I am now – so I really hope they can get everything sorted. *fingers crossed*

Also, Saga decided to bring a gift inside the apartment the other day. A dead bird. Imagine my… joy.

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