Unordered (Day 2)

Today has been a bit of a slow day. I’ve cleared some space in my bedroom so that we can set up the new wardrobe I’m getting (finally – yay – cause I’ve not had one since I moved in in November and most of my clothes are still in big, black plastic bags). I’ve done some other boring things like laundry and picking up around the place – but there’s lots left to do, but it will be easier to do once we get the last pieces of furniture after my brother moved in yesterday.

Tomorrow mom and them will be here to help me put together the wardrobe and we’re also having dinner here together with grandma who’ll join us for the meal.

Other than that the day’s been fairly slow. Played a bit of WoW and talked to some of my friends. Took the dogs out for a walk (I had mom’s dog Bella here as well as Bailey since they were at Ikea for most of the day) and went shopping for a new lamp to have by my new computer.

So yeah, that’s my boring day today. 🙂

Unordered = my apartment currently.

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