Unintentionally Bad Song Lines?

I listen to Spotify a lot when I’m alone at my PC doing stuff. Naturally, I have my own play lists, but sometimes I just put on the current Top 50 chart. And if that’s not working, I find a top hits play list on YouTube.

This is interesting since it means I get to hear songs I normally wouldn’t. It’s also frustrating because there’s a little bit too much One Direction and Justin Bieber on there for my tastes… Still, I get to listen to new things, and every now and then I find a gem.

Other times, I listen to songs and the images I get in my head, are quite possibly not the ones that the song writer had in mind when writing them.

So, here are a few of the ones I’ve reacted to recently.

Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean

This song seems to be about Justin not being able to figure out what his girl wants. Fair enough, relationships can be confusing. But then you have this sentence:

When you nod your head yes
But you wanna say no
What do you mean?

If you wanna say no. Then you should say no. So it doesn’t matter if you’re nodding your head. You should say no if you want to say no. In short, you probably should have chosen your words a bit better in this song, buddy.

Drake – Hotline Bling

Until I saw the title of this song, I couldn’t even tell that “hotline bling” was what he was singing. I don’t know if that’s because I’m horrible at song lyrics, or he’s just bad at enunciating. Look, I’m not entirely sure what this song is supposed to be about. It just sounds like he’s stalking his ex-gf/ex-booty call, and disapproving of her leading her own life after he left town.

Started wearing less and goin’ out more
Glasses of champagne out on the dance floor
Hangin’ with some girls I’ve never seen before

These days, all I do is
Wonder if you’re bendin’ over backwards for someone else
Wonder if you’re rolling up a Backwoods for someone else
Doing things I taught you, gettin’ nasty for someone else

Okay, that’s just creepy. Why are you thinking about these things, dude? Leave the poor girl alone. You left town and now she’s dating other people/partying with her friends. It’s her life and her body!

Sam Hunt – Take Your Time

I find this song catchy somehow, despite it being pretty annoying. I read an article somewhere in which the artist explains his thoughts behind it, and they weren’t bad. He just wanted a girl to know he didn’t want to pressure her into something she wasn’t ready for. Which, I get… Not everyone is ready for a big relationship. But without having read that article…

I don’t have to meet your mother
We don’t have to cross that line
I don’t wanna steal your covers
I just wanna take your time

No, I ain’t gotta call you baby
And I ain’t gotta call you mine
I don’t have to take your heart
I just wanna take your time

So, I get what he was trying to say. But when I hear the song, all I hear is “I don’t want anything real, I don’t want to met your mother… I just want to waste your time.”

R.City – Locked Away ft Adam Levine

So, the song seems to be about whether or not the woman will love him enough to stay with him, even if he goes to jail.

If I got locked away
And we lost it all today
Tell me honestly would you still love me the same?

Now, I’m all for standing by your significant other even if you get sick/lose your job etc. But come on – he’s specifically talking about going to jail. What did he do to go to jail? Did he murder someone? I think there are limits here, and we shouldn’t judge someone for leaving a partner who ends up in jail for some horrific crime. (The song doesn’t really specify.)

Do you have any songs where you think that what you’re hearing is probably not what the song writer intended?


Unintentionally Bad Song Lines? — 2 Comments

  1. Maybe he means locked away in a mental asylum. “if I was diagnosed with a severe mental illness, would you still love me?” It is a legitimate concern. 😛

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