We’ve run into some snags in regards to the move. The cost for flying to the UK with Bailey is insane – best quote I got was 1400 euros. It’s an insane cost, and just not doable. So now we have to look over our options and see how we can best proceed. It’s frustrating. We thought we’d figured out the best way to go forward, only to realise it’s not possible.

So, back to the drawing board!

Also, I’m getting frustrated because so many of the flats in the UK don’t allow you to have pets. There have been so many that I have to ignore because of it. Some of the ads don’t even mention it, so we have to ask them – and so far the answer that comes back is always the same. “Sorry, but no pets allowed.”

I have to stay positive though. We’ll figure out a way to get Bailey across, and eventually there has to be a nice flat becoming available that allows dogs!


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  1. It is so hard to find pet friendly places! A lot here will even say, “cats okay, no dogs.” I guess because they are worried about claws scratching floors.

    You’ll find somewhere, though! It just might be more work than actual work!

    • Oh yeah, I’ve definitely seen a lot more that allow cats than dogs. Still, a lot don’t allow either… or children! So basically they cut out half of their adult market? *lol*

      I’m sure eventually one will pop up though. It’s just frustrating because now I’m unemployed, and there’s no point in finding a job here since I don’t know when I’m leaving… so I just want to move so I can continue my life!

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