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So, I’m beginning my journey to get to the UK on Friday afternoon. My mom and her partner are going to drive me most of the way, and we wanted to get going – so we will leave after they finish work. On Friday afternoon/evening we will drive down to Malmö in the south of Sweden, where my sister lives. This is about 4,5 hours, so not too bad.

My sister and her boyfriend will kindly put up with us for the night, and then we can get going early on Saturday morning to do the biggest chunk of the journey. We will make our way down to Duisburg, Germany. This trip is about 8,5 hours, but will probably be a bit longer with breaks (we do have a dog in the car that will need some out-of-the-car time), and if we have to wait for any of the ferries taking us to Denmark/Germany.

In Duisburg we will spend the night at a hotel, then start again on Sunday morning to drive the final stretch to Calais, France. I think this final part is just over 3,5 hours.

We will meet up with the boyfriend in Calais, close to the Eurotunnel. Nothing’s been decided yet, but we might grab some lunch and have a bit of a chat before they basically hand me over to him and start their journey back home. The boyfriend and I (and his mom who is also coming along for the drive), will take the Eurotunnel over to the UK, then drive back home to Bournemouth.

Sunday evening… I should be in my new home! Like… wow!


Also, I realise that this post is probably incredibly boring for anyone who is… well, not me. But it’s a nice way for me to keep track of what I’m doing! Since I’m memory-impaired and probably won’t remember how I made it across if I don’t have it written down somewhere…


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