Too Soon

I ended up reading my new Julia Quinn book in two sittings. It all ended way too soon! I wanted the story to go on longer! It’s what I generally enjoy with her books – I really enjoy the characters that she creates, and it’s difficult to tear yourself away from them when the book ends.

Other than that though, I’ll admit that my feelings were along the lines of OMG I LOVE THIS BOOK! I CAN NEVER WRITE LIKE THIS!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I’LL NEVER BE A WRITER!!

That’s often the reaction I have when reading books. I guess I just need to get used to it and hope that someone will still enjoy my stories. If not, I’ll keep writing because I enjoy it. But it still makes me chuckle how I react to these things. Never fails!

It would never make me stop reading though. I love reading. Julia Quinn is definitely one of my favourites. Such a shame that she only releases one book a year. Then again, anything more than that – and they’d probably not be as good!

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