I’ve thought for some time that I may want to write anonymously – both for a private and a WoW blog. But I can’t quite decide if I should.

There are a few things I’m asking myself:

1) Should I write anonymously?

2) If I do, should I have one blog for both WoW related things and personal things – or two separate ones?

3) If I did start the anonymous blog(s), should I still continue the current one(s)?

Any helpful thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Heh – welcome to the conversation I have with myself on a regular basis, and which I’ve never come to a satisfactory conclusion about! I guess blogging about WoW anonymously is easier because you can easily work under an assumed/character name. That said, you’d have to work on building up your readership from Spellbound again – are you really wanting to do this? It’s why Himself and I haven’t yet gotten round to our ‘shared’ gaming blog… And I would have thought that Spellbound was pretty anonymous already? Or is it not anonymous enough for you?

    As to a personal blog, I guess that’s very dependent upon why you want it to be anonymous. I often toy with the idea of having a locked down ‘private’ blog that I can offload stuff onto, kinda like a proper old-fashioned paper diary or journal, stuff that I really wouldn’t want anyone to see! However I haven’t yet done it as I value the feedback and commentary I get from you and the others. It helps a LOT to get other people’s views on stuff, I find. That said, if you wanted to blog and get feedback… I don’t know. I know that people who comment on my blog get clicked on and their blog read but basically that was always you guys 🙂 Plus I’m not sure about complete strangers reading about my personal life… Personal blogs are everywhere on the web so I don’t think that many people are likely to read mine!

    So then you have the thorny topic of how many blogs do you want to run? Surely not four??? Maybe you could keep up with them, you’re more committed than me, that’s for sure, but four seems like an awful lot…

    I’m not sure how helpful any of this has been, I’m sure you’ve already thought of most of these points, but just my ten cents worth anyway *hugs*

    • Thanks for your help.. you’re right it’s a tricky thing. Spellbound while largely anonymous, I now in hindsight regret sharing the link with my guild mates. While I love them, and they sometimes have insightful comments I find myself not writing everything I want to write because I’m afraid of stepping on someone’s toes / making them unhappy by sharing how I feel about certain things when it comes to the guild. That would be my main reason for starting over I think. The ability to write how I feel and knowing no one can feel like I’m attacking them. But yes, starting with 0 readers again.. I considered letting people know on Twitter about the new blog – and just not sharing with guild mates.. but not sure how the transition would work out. Or if starting fresh would be better, though more work building up the readership again.

      As for a personal blog, there are things I don’t feel I can write here knowing family and friends read it. I think I’ve mentioned this to you before in an e-mail (though I may not have, I’m so forgetful these days *lol*). I have no issues sharing my private thoughts (for some reason), but I don’t want to hurt my family by doing so. Sometimes maybe I’m unhappy about something, and I want to write about it – but I don’t dare to because I don’t want someone to know how I feel, or it’s a passing feeling and I don’t want them hurt just because I had to “unload”. (Btw, I’d send you the link if I ever did start a new one 😉 )

      • I know how you feel re guilds and blogging. Until I started in SAN I didn’t blog about my guild 🙂 I think that is tough – but people do seem to manage it – Alas and Zel are two who spring straight to mind, but I guess it depends on how… forthright your guildies are! Starting over might be tricky with regards to readership but if you can get the word spread on Twitter it shouldn’t be *that* hard.

        My family don’t, I think, know about my personal blog – not so much because I think that there’s anything there that’s inappropriate but more because I don’t want to worry them. I guess that’s kinda the same thing you are struggling with! And if you ever do start a new one, of course I want the link!

        • I’ve written about my guild a few times previously and only once have I had backlash from a guild member. It was when I poured my heart out over officer disagreements – and it very much upset him. Which isn’t strange, cause it was upsetting me too, but I don’t necessarily want guild members to know everything that goes on in the officer area I guess. I realise I could just not write about it, but I really love the WoW blogging community and when I’m struggling with something I often find that they have very insightful answers. I really can’t decide what I want to do, everything has pros and cons. The readership is one potential issue. But also – I really love the name Spellbound, and I think I’d struggle with finding another good one *lol*

          My family have the link to this blog, usually because I’ve showed them at some point because they wanted to see some photos or so. I don’t think any of them are avid readers (except maybe my sister who also blogs). But I know they do read from time to time.

          Maybe I should start a blog with someone else (or a few), maybe that’d be easier *lol* A friend of mine and I had this silly idea at one point about Confessions from your Guild Leaders.. we were just fooling around sending each other confessions in whispers along the lines of:
          #1: I really have no idea what drops from what boss.
          #2: Don’t ask me to explain strats for Heroic Mode bosses. I didn’t watch the video, but told you to.
          #3: I hate people who are late and if I was running things I would cancel the raid after 10 minutes if people weren’t online. It’s why I’m not allowed to run things.
          #4: I hate people who are late and DO cancel the raid after 15 minutes!

          Thinking about it, maybe I should make a weekly feature of that, together with a blog post about the specific confession *lol* Friday Confessional!

          • Oh see numbers 1-3 were SO me when I raid led! I swear, I should have a tag that says ‘does not play well with others’ above my head 😉

            It is difficult though. I’m never quite sure how well shared blogs do. I’m on a WoW sabbatical, I’ve ventured back to Rift, ironically, whilst Himself bought me Dragon Age: Origins for Xmas so I’m likely to be unsubbed from WoW for a while. Scarily enough, it’s the first time that I’ve unsubbed and haven’t missed it… It’s why Himself and I regularly have conversations about activating our (set up and ready to go) shared blog, but making it general to MMOs rather than WoW specific – he’s currently immersed in SWToR… but then we never do anything about it. /Moar Alts used to have a regular reader base (when I was posting damn near every day… and when I was playing a lot) and Himself’s blog also has a reader base, but a very different one to mine, so we’re not convinced that us jointly running one would be workable, from a reader PoV.

            Bah, I don’t know 🙁

  2. Have to say I also pondered this for a very very long time, and I came to the conclusion to not give the link to many guildies, and no one I know RL.
    I had to keep starting afresh though as people kept finding it, and then it got awkward if I had written down my thoughts on them… Trust me, you don’t wanna be slating people (eg slackers in raids) for them to find it and confront you, that hurt me anyway, even if they were good humoured about my ‘worst raid in the world poem’ about them!
    I kept a lot from my IRL friends, for example, only online do I feel able to talk about my cancer adventures, if someone asks me about it IRL, I get emotional and hide, but online I can answer. So, I kept my very personal blog private, just to a few friends I knew wouldn’t ask me, or I knew I wouldn’t meet for a long time and that helped me at least.
    But it is up to you, I never got a proper readership like you guys have, I am too sensitive and am hurt too often to share fully anything, but I long to have the people there to listen to me rant and rave about wow and life generally.
    I don’t blog now, and I don’t play wow now either, the only thing I have left is my youtube channel of me attempting to sing, and my more professional stuff on instruments and that’s nerve-wrecking enough for me 🙂
    No idea if what I’ve written makes sense, I don’t understand this phone and can’t work out how to scroll up again to read it… Oh well, welcome to my confused mind!!! x

    • I can relate to keeping things from IRL friends – I have a lot of thoughts at times I’m not proud of. Those dark moments when I feel all emo, and it’s usually when I write – I don’t easily talk about it.

      And I’d never point anyone out specifically in a WoW blog, but sometimes when I’m really tired of it – I just don’t dare to write it cause I’m not sure how the guild members would feel reading how fed up their officer is at times.. if that makes sense? I usually try to stay positive to them and cheer us on as a guild, while privately sometimes I feel the opposite. If I started a new, anonymous one – I’d try not to use any character names, server names, guild names.. as hard as that might be. It’s possible someone could still figure it out if I was too specific I guess, but at least I’d have tried. But as our friendly Imp has been saying, it may be difficult to spread the word about the new blog.

      I don’t think I have your youtube channel, any chance you’d be willing to share? 😉

  3. Hmm linking my youtube out to the world :S Scary stuff! my one for covers of songs done out of boredom to try and keep me doing some music… I’m happy with my instrumental parts, not the singing, hate it 😛

    On a side note, I have FINALLY visited an Ikea and purchased many shiny new things AND ate meatballs and cinnamon rolls!!!! Those sort of things are making me think of moving to Sweden a lot faster than originally planned 😛

    Ok, now back to moving in my old GM to my living room…

    • Thanks for sharing your youtube! I love some of the songs you’ve chosen as well. I love Hallelujah. 🙂

      I’ve wanted to do some WoW songs, but I can’t sing and I definitely can’t do any instrumental bits *lol* Been hoping to find acoustic or karaoke versions of the songs, but either no luck or they have a chorus on the karaoke versions *sigh*

      Cool that you visited Ikea. I love them, I got so much stuff there after Christmas *lol*

      Howcome your GM is living in your living room?

  4. Hmm, well let me know what songs you want to parody and I may be able to whip something together for you? I am useless at lyrics, but I can make pretty instrumentals and yeah the singing sucks but it makes me happy!
    I have a bunch of Adele songs to do soon (currently in love with her, so!)
    I also love hallelujah, but I still am unhappy with the vocals 🙁 but the girl I used to get to sing for me ran off to Berlin I only have me to do them!
    GM is here cause after he had surgery his company dropped him, so he had nothing left keeping him in Holland, so he is attempting to live his dream (with my help) of moving and ‘making it’ in the UK.
    He became one of the few people who actually bothered to call me and even visit when I had the 2nd bout of cancer, when RL friends and family didn’t bother, so I kinda owe him and this is a little thing I can do of giving him a place to live till I get him a job and a flat of his own.
    Yes, Ikea is a new love for me, I want to go again and get more!!! I ‘only’ came back with a desk, a closet, some drawers, cushions and a LOT of candles that time… I ran out of space in the trolly so I realised it was time to come home…

    • Oooh, would love to hear the Adele songs once they’re up! I just love her songs.

      That’s pretty badly done of your GM’s company.. I hope he can “make it” in the UK though. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

      Ikea has a thing about having you go there because you need 1 thing, then coming out with 15 *lol* I love their candles! Especially the scented ones.. I light a lot of candles in the dark months of the year, makes everything feel a lot better *lol* Ooh which desk did you get? I went for pretty rather than practical and got the one with a black and transparent glass surface.. it’s beautiful, but not as steady as I’d like it. But at least it’s pretty…. *lol*

  5. Yes, I remember your desk from a post a while back. But no, we got a large and practical one, bit L shaped birch one, as GM uses a double monitor set up and I sit on the corner with my little laptop!
    Adele is just <3
    He is ok, I am rather ill atm again, and its handy having him here to look after me, I'm enjoying it as he is a really nice guy. I just need to get him a gf and job and he'll be sorted xD No pressure on me I guess!!!

    • I’m sorry to hear that you’re ill again, but I imagine it’s nice having someone around then. 🙂

      Girlfriend and a job.. Well.. eh.. get crackin’! *lol* There’s always!

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