Thoughts on moving

I’m moving this weekend, which means it’s a busy week for me. Everything has to get packed and either go to the room I’m renting, the storage or sold/thrown out. I just want to mention, in case anyone’s not clear on this… Packing sucks. I hate packing.

We also found out that no company can deliver internet to the house. I mean… what the? In this day and age, I really didn’t think that could ever be an issue. It’s very upsetting to me, since I use the internet to keep in touch with most of my friends, and not least the boyfriend. Without Skype, phone calls would be insanely expensive.

Then, of course, there’s an expansion to World of Warcraft coming out on November 13. I’d been looking forward to this, but as it’s currently looking – I won’t be able to play.

It makes me really angry that they can’t sort this out. Apparently there are no nodes available in that area for a new line. Well, can’t they create new nodes? I don’t know.. But it seems ridiculous. And it’s making me feel very not-excited about the move.


Thoughts on moving — 2 Comments

  1. Not having Internet really sucks. I hope to fix it by getting a second line and a wireless range extender for myself, but I am still currently stuck with my phone.

    • One would think I’m moving to the arctic circle.. Because I can’t even get mobile internet. The best they have is 2G, and barely even that. It seems crazy that it’s impossible to have internet.

      They’re building fiber in the area, but that could take anywhere between 3 months and 3 years.

      I’m still holding out hope to find some sort of solution, but it’s looking rather bleak at the moment!

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