This is my life now

I’m having a bit of a feeling sorry for myself, pity party. It feels weird to go from having a whole apartment to just one room. And everything is still a bit of a mess.

The actual move was awful. With my CFS and stuff I had a really hard time getting everything done in a timely manner. It didn’t help that I’d agreed to let the new tenant in to start renovations straight away. It meant me having to try to gather the last bits and do the cleaning with the place full of tools, floors pulled up and items scattered.

I still have lots of stuff that need to be taken to the town dump, but I need help since I don’t know how to drive with a trailer. It’s stressing me out. The new tenant is whining, but I can’t move it (it’s on a trailer outside, to the side so not really in the way) until I get help and it has to be a day that the dump is open. I wish they’d show some good will since I gave them access a week early, when not even done myself.

The whole thing is making me walk around with a feeling of perpetual panic.

It doesn’t help that I can’t talk to the boyfriend much. With us having virtually no internet I have gone from chatting to him for hours every night to an hour twice a week. It’s awful. I miss him terribly.

Right now my life feels pretty awful. Maybe once everything with the old place is finally settled, and the new room is more in order things will feel better. But for now I’m feeling pretty lonely and stressed out.


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