The Weekend

This ended up being a fairly busy weekend in the end. Friday of course I went to the movies after work, and then on Saturday we were helping my brother’s girlfriend pack up and move from her old apartment to their new one (above mine).

It involved a lot of carrying, but I was lucky to not have to do all that much of it – but I helped out where I could.

The weather was great, but almost too hot for all that carrying and moving about! So in the evening we took a time-out and sat down on my porch with some drinks and snacks. It’s the part I love about summer – being able to sit outside and chat with friends/family.


Today after work I have to tidy up a bit at home and get a-cookin’ because I’ve invited my grandmother and her friend over for dinner. I’m planning on making enchiladas, which I personally find yummy. I know grandma eats them, and I can only hope that her friend does too. (Will make sure they’re not too spicy, just in case.)


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