The thing about cleaning…

It’s incredibly boring!

Though I suspect you already knew that. Does anyone actually enjoy cleaning? And if they do, will they marry me?

I’m a master of postponing and finding other things that I just have to do. Like this blog. Instead of cleaning, which I really need to do because I’m getting visitors, I started working on the layout of this blog. Priorities, people! I haz them!

Does anyone else get side-tracked really easily? Sometimes when I’m in the middle of cleaning I will get caught up in something silly. Like the time when I started cleaning the kitchen, and ended up re-arranging the pantry. Cause, you know, it’s the first place people go look… Or the other time, when I ended up cleaning the cupboards under the sink. Another place people usually look…

So, yeah… I have a lot of cleaning to do still. Guess I should get cracking…




The thing about cleaning… — 2 Comments

  1. I am so bad for that. I’ll start to clean my bathroom, and then get distracted by laundry I need to fold. Or start doing laundry and end up cleaning my closet. Or start cleaning my desk and end up playing Portal.

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