The Perfect Five

I finally did it. After all this time I finally managed to do a full week of work training. And not just the original 6 hours but the new 10 hours. I’m so glad that I’ve finally reached this point, and I’m determined to not fall back into the bad stuff. This is the year. I want to get better and get back to work, I hate being tired all the time.

Another week has started by now of course, and so far – so good. But then again only one day has passed, but hey – it’s something!

Tomorrow I’m going to the gym before “work” – something I desperately need as well. I could really use to get into a habit of going once or twice a week.

Also, in April I’m moving to a new apartment. I’m having mixed feelings about it. There are some good points to moving to a new apartment, but I will also miss certain things about the current one. However, money wise I will actually save a little bit on moving. It’s also closer to the forest for walking Bailey, and walking distance to “work”. However I find the neighbourhood a little bit boring, and I’m worried about space to fit all my bookcases. Will miss my little garden too.

But I have to remember that I save money by moving, just not having to drive to work will save me some. Then I also save some on cheaper internet/phone/tv. So it’s better since I’m so broke all the time. Also my current apartment has had some heating problems now that it’s been so cold, it’s refused to get any warmer than 17c which isn’t very nice.

Despite my doubts I know it will be better for me, I’ll just miss my dishwasher and the garden. God I’ll miss my dishwasher!!

Will try to get some photos once I move in, but of course that’s still not until April 1st, and definitely won’t be showing any photos before I get the place in at least semi-order đŸ˜›

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