The Path of Least Resistance

This is actually about cooking.

Well, not like I’m going to start giving out recipes or anything. That’d be the day. Hah!

Totally stole this image - My cooking isn't pretty

Stolen image - my cooking isn't pretty

Basically, I love this typically Swedish dish of meatballs, potatoes and this delicious sauce we have with it. Yummy! Thing is.. When it comes to cooking it I always fail. I plan to do it – I really do! But the worst thing I know is peeling potatoes. Ridiculous, I know – but I really really HATE peeling potatoes.

I actually miss the supermarket in the Netherlands. Because they had freshly peeled potatoes in the sallad section, you could buy it just like you’d buy a bag of freshly cut veggies. It was awesome for lazy cooks like me.

I’d blame my whole back-story of being sick and tired and all that. But let’s be honest – I wasn’t exactly enamored with cooking before I got sick either.

So, today when I want my meatballs… What do I do? I choose… The Path of Least Resistance… I trade the potatoes and sauce for macaronis and ketchup.

Not AS tasty – but still tasty.

I know.. I know.. I fail because I can’t be bothered to peel potatoes. But still.. at least I get my meatballs!

The not as yummy version (totally stolen again)

The not as yummy version (totally stolen again)

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