The Cold From Hell

My brother Isak was here last weekend and spent the night. We watched movies and played some games (he’s 13). When he went back home he left his cold behind. I’ve been feeling dreadful since Monday – and it’s not showing any signs of improving yet. Last time he was sick he was out of school for two weeks, so if that’s any indication I guess I have another week of this to look forward to.

In an attempt to drown the cold I’ve been drinking lots and lots of tea. Somehow hoping that it will miraculously cure me. Tea so far has disappointed.


My massive teacup


The Cold From Hell — 2 Comments

  1. dear,

    Take lots of ginger .. best thing for cold.

    Recipe1: drink ginger boiled water all the time.

    Recipe2: In the morning, take 1/2 cup ginger juice, add 1 or 2 tbl spoon honey, mix, and drink. dont worry if it burns inside, its basically burning the cold 😉

    • Thanks, it’s finally getting a bit better 🙂

      I’ve admittedly never tried the ginger treatment. I may have to look into it for next time!

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