The answer to everything: A cup of tea?

I’ve realised that in one way I’m kind of British. Only recently have I noticed that whenever someone is upset or crying, emotionally not quite tip top (and I never know how to handle that) I always end up asking ‘Would you like some tea?’

I find this rather amusing. As if a cup of hot tea would really help them with whatever is bothering them. But it’s the only thing I can think to do. I’m not good at comforting someone who’s crying or upset. Sure, I can listen… (I’m hell of a listener) But actually comforting… I don’t know. How do you do that? A hug seems so trivial… and going ‘there.. there..’, well what good will that do?

So… I offer tea.

I’m not saying this is a whole lot better, but it’s what I do. And somehow it seems to work, even if just a little. It seems to put people’s mind to something else, and who knows, maybe there is some kind of calming drug in tea. At least it seems to help people in that they get something to hold and concentrate on.

So that’s it. The answer to everything: A cup of tea.

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