Swedish Soldiers

When on tour in Afghanistan I guess one ends up doing just about anything to entertain oneself. These Swedish soldiers apparently decided to make a little tribute video to the movie Grease. It’s actually quite funny, and I think a lot of them men could just as well have had the word “Swedish Sample” stamped across their forehead.

It’s funny that, isn’t it? Some countries really do have a stereotype or a specific look. I think there’s a specific type of man that looks “Swedish” to me. Would you say that there are countries that you can almost spot when you see people from there?

What I find extra interesting though, is reading the comments on YouTube. There are so many homophobic people saying that “this is what happens when you let gay men in the army”. Because only gay men could listen to show tunes. It’s not like the majority of people in my age grew up listening to and watching Grease. Now, I don’t know about the popularity of the movie in other countries, but it was incredibly popular in Sweden. They even made a Swedish stage version.

I’ve heard for a long time that people say YouTube comments are some of the worst, and I’m inclined to agree. Because then you look at the reddit thread dedicated to the video, and everyone there seems really cool and appreciative of the video.

That reddit thread did bring me some other information though that I felt just had to be shared. In the late 18th century the Swedish considered having a moose cavalry, but the idea was scrapped due to the agressive behaviour of the moose during mating season. Shame, else we could have had this:

Instant Win!

Instant Win!


Swedish Soldiers — 2 Comments

  1. Sweden definitely has a reputation for good-looking people. Tall, blonde Viking types! Haha. That video was great.

    And the moose army idea is fantastic, speaking as the occupant of another country with a moose stereotype. Mounties on moose pictures abound.

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